Alice B. Beal School

The Beal School is a community of learners. This year, Beal has refined its community-wide goal focus for both children and adults. The Beal Instructional Focus emphasizes the use of best practices to improve comprehension in order to increase student learning and achievement. The students are asked to be active participants by being present and ready to learn while showing that they can think and show understanding. The principal and staff remain committed to empowering students through the Safe Supportive Schools. Staff and students are committed to using Lead 21 with fidelity and encourage its use at home through a variety of web-based opportunities. Teachers participate in professional development opportunities associated with the Beal initiatives, while the Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) strives to lead the staff in moving forward with pedagogy and ideology. The ILT develops the school improvement plan based on the most current available data, and relays the information to the staff in a timely, professional manner in order to guide teaching for all student cohorts.